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34 Stores in Italy

With a network of over 30 shops, Giesse Scampoli is the leading Italian retailer brand for the sale of textiles and oddments.

Inside every GS store our clients can find a vast assortment of textiles and oddments sold by weight or by meter: fabrics for clothing, textiles for the home, indoor and outdoor draperies and much, much more.

Each product is available in a range of trendy materials and patterns that will satisfy even the most discerning and demanding customers.

Moreover, all GS Scampoli stores are stocked daily with new and unique products.

33 Negozi in tutta Italia

Since 1956

A passion that started in 1956 when, with the help of her husband Michelangelo Scandola, Bruna Zerletti started marketing fabric remnants.

Times were different, but the passion for their business remains the same.

A passion and tradition sustained by family and friends, and which has been handed down to their children.

This is the secret to Giesse’s success, a business that has grown in scope and size thanks to its founders’ entrepreneurial spirit.

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with Giesse Franchising

In just a short time Giesse stores became a franchising network. 

The brand is now synonymous with quality and convenience. Giesse shops can be found all over Italy, and the brand’s international business contacts are on the rise.

By choosing Giesse you choose to become part of a big family, unleashing your passion for business in order to grow with us every day.

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The ideal partner: organized and experienced

Giesse’s vast experience is recognized beyond the confines of our shops.

We are sought out by national and international businesses in search of a serious and qualified partner.

Our warehouse both serves Giesse retailers and act as a showroom for important groups in the textile industry that continue to find in Giesse the ideal partner for furthering their growth.

Il partner ideale per esperienzaed organizzazione

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